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Getting Rid of Crickets

Seeing or hearing a few crickets inside isn't a big deal to most people.  It's the constant chirping that's just plain annoying.  And then when you try to figure out where they are, it's like playing hide and seek!

If crickets are a recurring problem, prevention is the easiest control...

*  Caulk around gaps or cracks around doors and low windows
*  Keep grass, weeds and vegetation away from the foundation
*  Store firewood, trash and other debris as far away as possible.
*  If inside, seal up cracks or under baseboards.

Is It A Major or Minor Problem?

We need to know how big your cricket infestation is in order to give you the best strategy.  There may be an easier solution than you think!

The Bug Depot offers all the equipment, products and education you need to eliminate those pesky crickets today.

If you have any questions, just give us a call at 928-343-2729 or stop by the store and let one our our helpful staff assist you today.