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Get Rid of Cockroaches

The cockroach is found in homes and businesses all over the world mostly because they can pretty much live anywhere and reproduce quickly.

Cockroaches are not just ugly and gross to see.  They can carry diseases and parasites, contaminate foods and can be a source of allergens to sensitive people.

The good news is that the pesticides we have available have been shown to reduce cockroach populations by 85 to 100% and maintain reductions for at least three months.

The Easiest Control Measure...

Simple sanitation is key.   If you deny cockroaches access to food and water, you remove the main elements they are attracted to.  It will assist with the maintenance of the infestation.

A routine treatment will definitely give you the result you are looking more cockroaches.

The Bug Depot will show you all of the necessary equipment, products and education you need to help get rid of your  cockroach problem.

If you have any questions, just give us a call at 928-343-2729 or stop by the store and let one our our helpful staff assist you today.