Keeping Rodents & Wildlife Away

Seeing wildlife out in the "country" is usually great experience for most people.

But when they are in our yards, neighborhoods or sneaking into our homes, that's a TOTALLY different story!

Prevent, Deter Or Relocate?

Obviously the best method to keep wildlife pests and rodents away is to avoid their habitat.  That's a bit difficult when we live in places they call home too!

The next best step is prevention.  Keeping a source of food and water away can help, but the fact is they are still going to look.

Some animals are just going to pass through, but can still be pretty scary when they catch us by surprise!

Deterrents and trapping to relocate are the most humane ways to keep these critters from encroaching on the place you call home.   However, regulations do exist for certain species when it comes to trapping and releasing.

The Bug Depot keeps in stock a large variety of repellent and traps for wildlife.  We show you exactly how to use them just like a licensed pest control expert.

If you have any questions, just give us a call at 928-343-2729 or stop by the store and let one our our helpful staff assist you today.