SAVE MONEY & Get Rid Of Pests!

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You can do this!

In the pest control industry, there is a system for managing pests.

At The Bug Depot, we provide educational resources to assist you in selecting, buying and using everything we offer in our inventory.

And that is simply a sound management system.

Professional Grade Products

We provide baits, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, traps, equipment and many more of the EXACT same items professional exterminators use!

Most people see a savings of over 50% by using our professional grade products instead of using a commercial exterminating company.  Get rid of pests and save money.  Makes sense to us!

Come on down and use our 31 years in the business.  Our knowledge and experience is free and we are happy to share it.

The only thing we want is for you to get the correct product and application instructions using as little product as possible.  This approach saves money and still gets the job done right.